Abercrombie PBS and BMW have similar video branding strategies

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Abercrombie PBS and BMW have similar video branding strategies

This @mashable list of the 10 most shared videos on YouTube for June 2012 has some real gems, real creative branding. But the three that jumped out me are the Abercrombie & Fitch, PBS, and BMW M5 advertisements (see all three below) because they all share similar viral concepts: promoting a positive message and inviting participation. According to this Aalto University research paper on best practices in viral marketing, positive messages not only promote sharing but loyalty. Second, the Aalto research paper finds that campaigns that promote a sense of participation are shared more often. Who does not want to dance in Paris with the Abercrombie boys? Mr. Rogers’ remix invites users to participate by having them reminisce about once growing their own “garden of the mind”. And through the use of super slow motion the BMW M5 video allows a viewer to weirdly experience a slight adrenaline rush. Finally, of course, all three videos make great use of music to evoke an emotional response in viewers.

Abercrombie & Fitch “Call Me Maybe” (YouTube link)

PBS Digital Studios Mr. Rogers’ Garden of Your Mind Remix (YouTube link)

BMW M5 Bullet High Performance Art (YouTube link)

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