Evaluating social media monitoring platforms

///Evaluating social media monitoring platforms

Evaluating social media monitoring platforms

This research paper from the Innsbruck Semantic Technology Institute and Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering provides a great framework for evaluating which social media monitoring tool to use in enterprise environments.


The criteria used by the authors are:

Analysis: Can the tool gather data from a variety of sources in variety forms (e.g., video and photographs) and format such in a easy-to-understand grid?

Engagement: Can a brand interact with consumers via social channels directly from the product?

Workflow management: Can a brand set up custom workflow management processes to properly triage customer service issues?

Influence: Is an influence indicator present?

Listening grid: How robust is the listening grid? That is, does it support multiple channels, languages, and topics?

Real time processing: Does the system support near-real time processing?

API: Does the system support APIs?

Sentiment analysis: Does the platform provide sentiment analysis and sentiment scores that supports opinion mining objectives?

Historical data: Can the platform access previously captured historical data and relate this to near-real time data capture?

Dashboard: Does the platform have a an easy-to-understand and easy-to-customize dashboard?

Data export: Does the platform allow users to export data for use in other systems or analysis?

The top-ranked social media monitoring platforms as determined by the authors’ evaluation process are:

Close seconds are:

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