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Project Description

Project Brief

LOCATION: NEW YORK, NEW YORK: Comprehensive social media marketing strategy and implementation aligning with brand tagline, “See 4 Yourself”. The underlying branding strategy was to create a grassroots, “bottom-up”, well-spring of support and advocacy within the Lower Manhattan district to demonstrate the vibrancy and resonance and positive rebirth of this area of New York. The strategy focused on deploying video and visual content narratives, keeping the 4 World Trade Center building at the center of the conversation.


Representative Work Product

Project Phases

Discover Phase: Ascertaining the unique points of conversation and neighborhood narratives Lower Manhattan that would educate office workers located in the Mid and Upper Manhattan districts about the vibrancy surrounding the 4 World Trade Center. Additionally, performed a competitive analysis of what other iconic buildings were doing from a social media content and deployment perspective. Dream Phase: Collaborative process conducted with managers and executives from client, Silverstein Properties and clients and potential clients to determine ultimate vision and voice of the visual and video narratives. Design PhaseUsing the insights derived from the Discover and Dream phases a Creative Brief was created to guide the content deployment across Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter, as well as what visual and video narratives would exist in situ on the 4 World Trade Center website. Deliver Phase: Creative Agency, Core Twelve and Silverstein Properties executed the creative strategy. Note: This work was conducted during my engagement with Core Twelve.

Discover Phase 100%
Dream Phase 100%
Design Phase 70%
Deliver Phase 40%
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