4 World Trade Center Social Media Strategy


Project Brief LOCATION: NEW YORK, NEW YORK: Comprehensive social media marketing strategy and implementation aligning with brand tagline, "See 4 Yourself". The underlying branding strategy was to create a grassroots, "bottom-up", well-spring of support and advocacy within the Lower Manhattan district to demonstrate the vibrancy and resonance and positive rebirth of this area [...]

Mercedes-AMG Driving Academy U.S.


Project Brief LOCATION: ATLANTA, GEORGIA: Comprehensive social media marketing strategy incorporating rich imagery and videography to elucidate the sheer power and excitement of driving a Mercedes-AMG. An important facet of these visual narratives was to demonstrate the sense of worldwide community and appeal of the Mercedes-AMG brand as well as showcase the excitement [...]

4 World Trade Center Guerilla Marketing


Project Brief LOCATION: NEW YORK, NEW YORK: As a precursor to the official opening of the 4 World Trade Center building, Silverstein Properties wanted to generate buzz about the building within the Mid and Upper Manhattan districts. The resultant guerilla marketing execution aligned with the overall launch campaign tagline, which was "See 4 [...]