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Residential real estate brokerages face complex digital and mobile marketing realities on a daily basis, from strategic envisioning to branch office and agent implementations. With nearly 15 years as a real estate executive with Leading Real Estate Companies and Baird & Warner, and product development and design responsibilities with BoomTown!, I have an understanding of boots-on-the ground realities with designing, developing, and rolling out multi-dimensional digital and mobile real estate brokerage solutions that drive agent adoption, increased sales, and client acquisition, and retention.

Blink. Whoa! Hey! You’ve missed the latest social, digital, mobile , or other ephemeral marketing tactic. Where’s the big idea? The strategy? The underlying thread of continuity between ideation and execution? Having worked with global luxury brands such as Mercedes-Benz AMG and 4 World Trade Center, I specialize in developing grounded creative strategies, vision, and marketing action plans that resonate with B2C and B2B luxury and high net worth audiences. Loyalty, retention, and lifetime value of a customer are what I hold myself accountable to in meeting clients’ marketing and branding needs.

Thousands of attendees, hundreds of executives, and global events best describe the audience and venues where I have delivered a keynote presentation, executive coaching session, lecture, or all-day training session. Recent topics include digital and mobile marketing strategies, privacy and security issues surrounding PII, consumer trust in digital brands, and media ethics. Neither “canned” nor “formulaic” are terms in the my vernacular. Rather, after ascertaining your needs and audience mix, I customize each presentation, executive session, or training program to align with your brand and business goals.

Your brand is one of your most important assets. And in the multi-dimensional, omni-channel and media saturated B2C and B2B marketing world of today, it’s easy for you to feel overwhelmed with maintaining brand cohesiveness, continuity, and consistency. Why does your brand exist? Why are consumers and clients better off adopting your brand? Why is your desired brand experience better than your competitors’ brand? Through the Discover > Dream > Design > Deliver process I help you strengthen your brand, create resonance and meaningfulness at each experiential touch-point, and align your marketing and sales strategies to your brand.

Project Engagement Process


Discover is first step of my engagement process. The details and complexity of this step vary by project but generally we focus on discovering the core strengths and values of your company, why your company has been successful with your clients and consumers, why your employees stick with your company, and why you’re better than your competitors. The deliverable of this step is a Brand Brief.


Dream is the second step of my engagement process. In this step we purposefully ignore competitors and what they’re doing and how they’re affecting your company and brand. Rather, we visualize and identify how the core strengths identified in the Discover phase will best resonate with your target audience and operate as your competitive advantage. The deliverable of this step is a Brand Brief and/or Creative Brief.


Design uses the insights generated in the Discover and Dream phases we perform experiential and technical touch-point analyses. The goal of these analyses is to ascertain gaps in your technical and services proficiencies. And from this gap analysis we prioritize and Design relevant technical components and services delivery processes. The deliverable of this step is a Design Specification.


Deliver builds the technical and services delivery components specified in the Design step. Technical components range from software, website, mobile app, and digital marketing components. Services components range from training, engagement, and customer support processes. After the Deliver step is completed, we circle back to the Discover step…always focusing on your strengths.

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