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Your Brand Brilliance Program


1.5 hour session. Agents initially respond to a brand survey designed to illuminate their unique attributes and personal values. This survey is then used during an interactive session to tailor the session to the unique makeup of the class of agents, focusing on branding principles and expectations clients have regarding service. Using the principles articulated in this session, each agent is then engaged one-on-one to further hone their understanding of branding and why their brand matters to clients.


1.5 hour session. Using the insights derived from the Discover phase, this session focuses on envisioning service delivery excellence, the individual strengths of each participant in terms of delivering excellent service, how the brokerage brand facilitates delivery or excellent service, and why consumers expect excellent service. The goal of this session is to have the class set core values related to service excellence, define a mission statement they personally believe and can fulfill, and envision their perfect brand presence.


1.5 hour session. This session focuses on designed experience principles and consumer touchpoint analysis. Aspiring to perform at levels that the best and most respected brands in the world achieve, the session challenges the class to analyze and adopt the best practices that these brands consistently deliver. Then, using insights derived from the Discover and Dream phases, the group will create a set of service delivery steps they can perform individually to improve their delivery of service.


1.5 hour session. This session focuses on scenario planning, role playing, scripts, affirmations, and preparation to fulfill the standards set during the Design phase. Furthermore, we will introduce customer satisfaction surveying and why this is important for class participants to diligently monitor so as to constantly evaluate whether they live and deliver their brand promise to the market. We will stress that these surveys are important for ongoing gap analyses that agents use to improve their service.

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